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SolarBright Floodlights™ Helps To Protect You, Your Family, And Your Property Without Electricity, Batteries, Or Wiring

Motion sensor activated for top-notch security

Powerful floodlights that actually work!

100 LED lights w/ 3 unique light settings for your specific safety needs

Charges all day to keep you safe at night

Up to 8 hours of light during the nighttime

Zero electricity, wires, or batteries required

Easy and fast to install (no extra installation fees)

Ultra-secure and won’t fall once installed

Incredibly durable— waterproof, frost-proof, and heat resistant construction

Great coverage! Casts a 270-degree radius of light over 200 square feet of area

“Works or it’s free!” 30-day money-back guarantee

See Why Everyday Folks Are Loving Their SolarBright Floodlights™

Loral R. Johnson

I had bought 2 of these for myself recently. I put one on the side of the house, so there was lighting if we went to the back yard that way. The other I put near where out garbage can and recycle can is.

When I opened the box, I thought "these are never going to work", because they are small in size. Wow! They really light things up.

My wife backed in the driveway, and got out of her car, and the light comes on and gives her great visibility to get to the door.

What is nice, is that the LED's wrap around to the side, and give 180º of lighting. What else is nice, is not having to run electric romex to power a light or install a switch.

I loved mine so much, I bought 2 for my Dad for Christmas. He put one on the side of his house where his garbage cans are, and one on his RV. He was as surprised as I was. I'll probably order a couple more because of the ease of use and installation.

There is a switch on the back that gives you a few options. My choice was bright light when motion is detected. It stays on for about 30 seconds, which is plenty to get from the car to the house, and motion keeps it activated.

Issac Lewis

These things are the best so bright! I mean soooooooo bright!

Kevin Gillman

Just received two of these and got them mounted easily with the single screw mounting hole. They were charged out of the box so after dark I went and tested them both and they work awesome! Have them mounted slightly below the roof line at about 6-7 ft up. I have looked at hundreds of these type of lights and have yet to find one as compact, bright and innovative as this one. The side LED's really are great. The corner LED's put out just enough extra light to really make the unit very efficient as a whole. Most comparable units only feature forwardfacing LED's. As far as the motion sensor goes I am very pleased. They registered motion in the front at around 20+ feet and about the same slightly to the side as well. No false-triggering of the sensor during some wind when the tree branches were swaying either. For the money I don't think these lights can be beat. Only had them up for a few days but so far so good!

Stacy Livings

These lights are great, i did not expect much, but they turned out to light the path much better than expected and everybody loves them.

RV Dad

Wow! What great lights! These lights are really bright. Surpasses my expectations. Quality night lights. The sensor is triggered by smaller animals like the cats. Glad we bought them!

Leslie Olivas

Awesome solar light! I was impressed with how bright the light was compared to my neighbors lights. Will be buying more!

Charles Edwards

Works great for me, just be sure you install where it can get sunlight to recharge.

Andrew Connel

I would definitely recommend this light if you don't want the hassle of having to set up a wired light. We had a deck extension and with the location had no light from out existing lights. We have it set on the motion setting as soon as we open our back door the light turns on. Great light

Jay Waxman

After buying these solar lights i had a few questions that were all answered by DotComProducts. I must admit the solar lights are bright and light up my back yard very well. I wish you could adjust the time on how long the lights stay on after motion sets them off but all in all, very good solar lights and i've bought alot of different one and these are the best and brightest by far..

Steve Parks

Great motion sensor lights up fast

Every Order Is Covered By Our“Works Or It’s FREE” Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with your order of our wireless SolarBright Floodlights™, then return your order within 30 days of purchase and we’ll refund your money with zero hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Many of our customers have been going with the 4 and 8 pack of SolarBright Floodlights™ because they save the most money while guaranteeing they will have enough lights for their front and/or back yard.

People that secure the smaller packages tend to come back for more. That’s probably because once you put one light up... you begin to realize just how dark your back yard or front yard really are!

Additionally, many customers order the larger packages so they can give a few lights as gifts to family, friends, and neighbors.

This is why we offer the steepest discount on our biggest packages because we want to make it easier for customers to stock-up now and ensure they get their floodlights at the best price possible, and before we sell out.

The SolarBright Floodlights™ produces a bright 600 lumens of white light, which is equivalent to a durable camping flashlight.

However, unlike other solar floodlights, the SolarBright Floodlights™ are built with tiny reflectors that increase the light’s range and brightness, making it the strongest, wireless solar flood light today.

SolarBright Floodlights™ are equipped with a whopping 100 LED lights with a 10,000-hour lifespan. When fully charged via sunlight, the SolarBright Floodlights™ have enough light energy to last up to 8 hours during the night.

Choose the security setting of your SolarBright Floodlight™ with the button on the back.

Setting 1: permanent lighting mode

Press the button once and the light will turn on when the sun goes down, and will stay on through the night— up to 8 hours of light.

Setting 2: dim light + motion sensor flood light

Press the button twice (once after setting 1), and the dim light setting will turn on when the sun goes down. If the motion sensor is activated, then the light will switch to its bright flood light setting and will stay bright for 15 seconds. After 15 seconds, the light will go back to its dim light setting.

Setting 3: motion sensor + security flood light

Press the button three times (once more after setting 2) and you’ll have the security feature so many customers love about this genius device!

On setting 3, the light will remain off and will only turn on when the motion sensor has been triggered. It will stay on for 15 seconds and then turn off automatically to conserve its energy.

To install, simply remove the cover from the secure installation strip on the back of the floodlight and stick firmly to the area you want more light.

The SolarBright Floodlights™ require sunlight for it to charge and be ready for the nighttime. However, that does not mean it requires direct sunlight the entire day.

Thankfully SolarBright Floodlights™ are constructed with top-of-the-line solar panels that are able to absorb sunlight, even in locations where the sun isn’t beaming down all day, every day.

Many of our customers are shocked by just how little sunlight these powerful lights actually require to work, and work through the night.

However, if you feel as if your location is impossible for SolarBright Floodlights™ to work at their fullest potential, then you may return them for a full refund with zero hassle.

Yes! We have a no-questions-asked, “it works or it’s free” guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, then you may return your order within 30 days of purchase for a full refund with zero hassle.

No. Each SolarBright Floodlight™ comes with 100 LED lights, which we found to be the perfect number of lights to emit the right amount of lumens for a feeling of safety, while not feeling overbearing and shining into your neighbors’ windows...

Yes! As long as the SolarBright Floodlight™ is charged via sunlight, then it can work in anywhere you need light.

Yes! We process all of our orders through a safe, encryption payment processing system. We do not have access to your credit card information, nor do we have the ability to store your credit card information.

If you live in the United States, your order should arrive within 5 to 7 business days.

If you live outside the United States, please expect a 10 to 15-day delivery time.

No. As of right now, SolarBright Floodlight™ is only available on its official online store, which is where you’re at right now.

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